vom 26. Februar 2018: «Counselling Work – Zurich launches Muslim pastoral care project [EN]»

“When a Christian needs emergency spiritual support in a hospital, in a care-home or after an accident, there is an existing network in place to make sure pastoral carers can attend quickly. For the 100,000 Muslims living in canton Zurich however, only one man has been on call 24 hours a day until now: imam, Muris Begovic. 


Together with the Association of Islamic Organisations in Zurich (VIOZ) and two Christian churches, the canton of Zurich is supporting the expansion of Muslim emergency- and hospital-care by providing start-up funding. 

For the approximately 100,000 Muslims in canton Zurich, there is currently no regulated pastoral care on offer during emergencies or in hospitals. The canton is now working with the VIOZ in the training and supervision of the specialised pastoral carers. […]”

The full article is available here.

Source:, 26.02.2018
Picture: Screenshot taken from 26.02.2018