3. Mai – MSAZ: «Monthly Discussion Club: Islam between fear and fascination»


Beginn: 19:00 bis: 20:30

Ort: ETH Zurich, 8092 Zürich

ETH Zurich, 8092 Zürich

Ein Anlass der MSAZ (Muslim Students Association Zurich)‎

Monthly Discussion Club «The Problem of Evil in Muslim Theology»

The MSAZ Discussion Club is a platform where we come together to discuss, learn and reflect on different topics of interest such as social-political, natural and social sciences, contemporary issues, topics related to our faith etc.

This time we will talk about the sociatal discourse on Islam in Europe, about historical examples since the 17th century and the parallels with today. We will also ask ourselves: What responsibility do Muslims have to engage in discourse and critical self reflection?

1. Opening Presentation (Omar Kassab, Comparative and International Studies)
2. Discussion Round
3. Social get together

Further information is available here.

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